Nature. Life. Spirit. Being.


Cosmic Sigils

In Hopi mythology, 
the people came into Being from an opening in the Earth.
The Hopi lived as a tribe of voluntary nomads.
 They did not search their environment in response
to basic physical human needs, as they had accomplished farming,
built solid dwellings that formed large communities, and had 'technology'
associated with a sedentary lifestyle.
Instead, these wise ancestors sought places of spiritual harmony,
locations in the landscape that offered the highest vibrational energy
and aided in their transcending the physical dimension.
In this seeking, 
they would become One with the Creator.

Kara Rane ©  Feather Dreams  6" x 6"  paint pen on paper
We live in a time where many of us have  
our basic physical needs met,
yet many people in the modern world suffer 
from depression, frustration, loneliness and
negativity as a result of being disconnected from the source of life.
We have lost our way.
But, as the lotus grows from the muddy waters
and blooms perfectly, we can transform.

Kara Rane ©  Blue Lotus  6" x 6"  paint pen on paper
The word 'mandala' means circle.
It is a ritual design used to represent wholeness and the infinite Universe. 
 The symbolism of a mandala can have significant meaning for many individuals whether they are Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Pagan or of any other religious orientation.  
What is most important is the fact that color and shape 
resonate with our cells,
 speaking to the subconscious mind.
This communication increases possibilities beyond logic,
and when used positively allows for extraordinary human potential.

Kara Rane ©  TriVibe  6"x 6"  paint pen on paper
In practicing intentional visualization,
the manifesting of a desired outcome can be achieved.
We have the power to create our lives,
 and this has been proven by a variety of people 
from athletes to entrepreneurs to world leaders.
Ancient civilizations understood this connection and performed 'vision quests',
a rite of passage in which a person came to see their life purpose.

Kara Rane ©  Triad 6"x 6" paint pen on paper

Drawn and painted symbols considered to have 
magical power are known as a 'sigil'.  
The term sigil derives from the Latin sigillum, meaning seal,
word, action, or item of spiritual effect, such as a talisman.
The ability to conjure something from nothing 
can seem like magic, as is the unfolding of a future dream. 

Kara Rane ©  Gathering  6" x 6'"  paint pen on paper

Using time-less forms combined with modern aesthetic,
each image has been created to enhance the energy of the viewer.
In alignment with the sacred, 
these 'Cosmic Sigils' are guides to fulfilling spiritual needs,
leading to balance and harmony within the individual,
and radiating outward to our collective reality.
Awaken to a new world in unity with Divine love. 

Nature. Life. Spirit. Being.
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Kara Rane ©  9" x 12"  marker on paper

Mother Mountain lions are fiercely protective of their cubs.
They have been known to successfully fight off many different types of predators
 in defense of their young, such as the much larger American black bear,
the intelligent workings of a wolf pack and the powerful jaguar.
The female cares for her cubs until they are juveniles, teaching them the
skills necessary to survive in the wild 
until they are ready to discover their own territory.

Kara Rane © detail
Having numerous names: Mountain lion, Cougar, Puma, Panther, Painter, and Catamount
 this species is more closely related to smaller felines, 
including the domestic cat, than to any subspecies of 'lion'.
Many of their behaviors, such as cuddling up for a day time nap 
are similar to our beloved pets.

Kara Rane © detail

It is very unlikely as a human that you will ever encounter one of these 
elegant, illusive, and solitary beings.
Most people prefer it this way as there is an unreasonable fear of this predator.
This is completely unfounded (as most fears are), as only 20 people in all 
of North America have been killed by Mountain lions from 1890 to 2011.  
Many more people are killed by domestic dogs.
The real threat for a Mountain lion are humans, 
especially 'wildlife assassins', those who use guns and ego to kill.

Kara Rane © detail
When all of Life is cherished as sacred,
to be respected and allowed to fulfill its' destiny,
a balance is achieved that is guided by a greater wisdom.
Nature is perfect, 
a reflection of what we could be
if we lived in harmony, peace and compassion.

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