Nature. Life. Spirit. Being.



Singing with the Sky
Kara Rane ©  
Coyotes communicate with a variety of vocal sounds.
The lone howl,
 that reaches out across mountains and valleys,
searching for other companions.
A community gathering,
where call and response
brings the energy of a tribal party.
 High pitched yips, proclaiming presence or excitement in a hunt.
Growls, yelps, and barking similar to a dog.
Or the harmonious melody of a family,
performed seemingly for the joy of song.

Kara Rane ©  Coyote Singing  9" x 12"  marker ink on paper
Both coyote parents are very active in the care and raising of pups,
teaching them many complex social behaviors and survival skills.
The strong family bond extends to siblings, and their
playful and intelligent nature allows for complex games.
Considered a keystone species, their presence is relied upon by the entire ecosystem.
Without coyotes, populations of rodents and deer become enormous,
leading to over grazing of native habitat, farmlands and gardens.

Kara Rane © detail  Coyote pup
The coyote has been wrongly demonized simply for being a predator.
Each year approximately 100,000 are poisoned, trapped, gassed in their dens,
shot from planes and automobiles, and brutally killed
by the U.S. government under the guise of a 'Wildlife Services' program.
This agency claims to be protecting livestock such as cows and sheep owned by private citizens,
yet the effectiveness of such predator slaughters has not proven to be effective.
Numerous other animal species are also unjustly murdered, some of which are
supposedly federally protected as endangered.
to learn more: "EXPOSED: America's Secret War on Wildlife"

Kara Rane ©
People are joining together,
in honor of what is pure and wild.
 Our soul knows the song, it is as the light of the whole moon,
 within each one of us.
Sing your truth.
The essence of being,
stars and soil, blood and water,
one and all.

Nature. Life. Spirit. Being.

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A magical and mysterious creature
Rabbit is deeply connected to the primal landscape.

Kara Rane © Rabbit -detail
Highly intuitive with keen sensory abilities,
rabbits must be aware of their surroundings at all times 
and react with exceptional quickness
to both opportunities and danger.
They are an animal that is hunted by a multitude of predators,
yet this does not keep them in a perpetual state of fear, 
rather it highlights their courage and willingness to be alive.
It is to their advantage to be observant of fortuitous events, 
such as the emerging of tender greens and hollowing of secret burrows.

Kara Rane © Rabbit -detail

The butterfly is the only living being 
capable of entirely changing its genetic structure 
during the process of metamorphosis.
While in chrysalis form miraculous growth occurs, 
where once larval cells now become legs, eyes and wings!
A caterpillar's DNA is completely different from a butterflies.
Thus, this is a being that in all cultures represents complete transformation.
Butterfly is a messenger to all of us that we 
are the creators of our lives and reality.
We have the power to manifest greatness.

Kara Rane © Rabbit -detail
More than 70% of new pharmaceutical drugs originate from 
researching the chemical components of natural sources and then 
synthetically attempting to replicate their qualities.
Turkey Tail mushrooms have been used to treat 
many ailments for hundreds of years, 
in various parts of the world.
Our ancestors were certainly aware of their power,
and it is recently being scientifically discovered that Turkey Tail mushrooms 
do have a profound impact on increasing the immunity, 
especially in regards to cancer.
The Kitkitdizze (as named by the Miwok) is a plant in the rose family, 
endemic to the mountains of California, 
it has been used to aid in the healing of bacterial infection.
It also has the curious ability to carry out nitrogen fixation,
a process unusual for this plant family as it is characteristic of Legumes.
Sage is a plant (or person) with profound wisdom.
The herb has multiple purposes as medicine, food and spiritual ritual.
And of course the 'lucky' rabbits foot, 
which is luckiest of all when left to its original owner,
the Rabbit.

Kara Rane © Rabbit Being 9" x 12" marker on paper

Nature. Life. Spirit. Being.

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Cosmic Sigils

In Hopi mythology, 
the people came into Being from an opening in the Earth.
The Hopi lived as a tribe of voluntary nomads.
 They did not search their environment in response
to basic physical human needs, as they had accomplished farming,
built solid dwellings that formed large communities, and had 'technology'
associated with a sedentary lifestyle.
Instead, these wise ancestors sought places of spiritual harmony,
locations in the landscape that offered the highest vibrational energy
and aided in their transcending the physical dimension.
In this seeking, 
they would become One with the Creator.

Kara Rane ©  Feather Dreams  6" x 6"  paint pen on paper
We live in a time where many of us have  
our basic physical needs met,
yet many people in the modern world suffer 
from depression, frustration, loneliness and
negativity as a result of being disconnected from the source of life.
We have lost our way.
But, as the lotus grows from the muddy waters
and blooms perfectly, we can transform.

Kara Rane ©  Blue Lotus  6" x 6"  paint pen on paper
The word 'mandala' means circle.
It is a ritual design used to represent wholeness and the infinite Universe. 
 The symbolism of a mandala can have significant meaning for many individuals whether they are Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Pagan or of any other religious orientation.  
What is most important is the fact that color and shape 
resonate with our cells,
 speaking to the subconscious mind.
This communication increases possibilities beyond logic,
and when used positively allows for extraordinary human potential.

Kara Rane ©  TriVibe  6"x 6"  paint pen on paper
In practicing intentional visualization,
the manifesting of a desired outcome can be achieved.
We have the power to create our lives,
 and this has been proven by a variety of people 
from athletes to entrepreneurs to world leaders.
Ancient civilizations understood this connection and performed 'vision quests',
a rite of passage in which a person came to see their life purpose.

Kara Rane ©  Triad 6"x 6" paint pen on paper

Drawn and painted symbols considered to have 
magical power are known as a 'sigil'.  
The term sigil derives from the Latin sigillum, meaning seal,
word, action, or item of spiritual effect, such as a talisman.
The ability to conjure something from nothing 
can seem like magic, as is the unfolding of a future dream. 

Kara Rane ©  Gathering  6" x 6'"  paint pen on paper

Using time-less forms combined with modern aesthetic,
each image has been created to enhance the energy of the viewer.
In alignment with the sacred, 
these 'Cosmic Sigils' are guides to fulfilling spiritual needs,
leading to balance and harmony within the individual,
and radiating outward to our collective reality.
Awaken to a new world in unity with Divine love. 

Nature. Life. Spirit. Being.
✧Cosmic Sigils✧ -->> Lucky 2 b U

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