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White Tiger

There are Only 2,500 Bengal Tigers in the world.
In India, their native wild habitat, there are only 1,700 tigers.
Most of us go numb when we read this. 
Numbers have lost their meaning, they have no feeling.

Kara Rane  ©    9" x 12"    marker on paper

On this Leap year we create the abundance of an extra day.
A united consciousness decides on this arbitrary calendar addition.
Reflect on this abstraction.
Most people do not want tigers to be eliminated, 
to see their beauty and right to live extinguished from Our Earth.
This we can agree on.
But can we feel this?
The villagers of Umri in Rajasthan India have relocated their homes
 to allow these few tigers more space.
To give what we have so wrongly taken.
In taking there has not been a gain, only the 
deep sense of loss that comes from the realization of what we have done.
There is not much time to correct this.
One day is not enough, but maybe we can start seeking personal balance now.
Can each of us relocate?
Can we Unite Our Village and move?
It is possible to find a new home, a new value, a new way of Being.
It begins with each One.
Feel yourself as the White Tiger, 
a rare and sentient life, 
with a will and destiny 
to create the world You want to live in.
Make the Leap Today.

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Patrick Gracewood said...

Kara, I'm reading a book called "Sight and Sensibility" by Laura Sewall. It talks about exactly the same ideas this post is about. IT's good, you might enjoy. Sewall talks about the many different ways of seeing, not just visual facts but seeing from the heart.

kara rane said...

thank You Patrick. I appreciate your insight- and will get this book, very curious*!

Joy said...

Gorgeous in thought and visual. I am each animal; some days a characteristic shines far more than others. Thank you for a poignant and beauty filled reflection:)

kara rane said...

Love that You choose to be every animal*!